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Post by Piano_Chicken on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:34 pm

Staff Application

Minecraft Username: PianoChicken

How Long Have I Played?
I've been playing on WhiskyWorld for a few weeks now. I love it and as long as it is up, i'll continue to talk to amazing people I've met and build bigger and better creations Very Happy

Have I Ever Been Banned?
Yes and I hate being banned every other week for a lot of times doing something I didn't actually do or intend on doing. I hope that saying that I've been banned before gets me an automatic no for staff. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider Smile

Little Bit About Me:
I have been staff on many servers and have a lot of experience. I swear I would never abuse power (unless told to by Whisky xD haha) but for real I try not to abuse

Why Should I Be Accepted?
I feel like I'm getting to know everyone and I'd like as much as I can to enjoy being a part of your team. I love helping people, and (though I always seem to get into fights) can work out a fight in between other people quite nice

Thank you so much for reading my application. Have a whiskyful day! Very Happy

-Owen (PianoChicken)


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