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Post by ToxicRaidzMC on Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:37 am

My Ign is ToxicRaidzMC.

I have been playing this server for 3/4 months

I have never been banned and i don't plane on being ban

I'm a clam person that love computer games and diffrent things like xbox i love playing games and thats what type of person i am.

I think i should be accepted becuase i help alot of players i follow rules even if i get staff i wont abuse commands nor will i stop following the rules i will still listen to staff members becuase i would be a new staff member on this server and also i have alot of experince in staff i know commands like ban temp ban mute and kick i dont hack or cheat but i hope you do consider making me staff Whiskyworld 4 Life


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