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FatedZombie's Staff Application Empty FatedZombie's Staff Application

Post by FatedZombie on Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:25 pm

Name: FatedZombie
Real life name: Leigh
Current Age: 14 years
How long have I been playing Minecraft: I've played Minecraft since the 1.3.2 update.

Why would you like to become staff: I have played on the server for quite awhile and the spawn and community is very friendly. I have noticed that there are not many staff members, so I decided to help the server by making a staff application. This is a very good time for me to become a staff member of the WhiskeyWorld team. I am now on a three month break from school. I am very familiar with all the commands for both staff and a regular member of the community. I have a lot of experience of becoming a staff member from previous servers. I know all the rules and am very active on the server and also on the forums. I play Minecraft daily, so I would be very active. If there is a argument I will be sure to listen to both sides of the story. I am fair and also fun. Serious and Not serious at times. I am active in social media so I'm easy to contact when needed.

Social media: Skype, Teamspeak, Twitter, Instagram, KiK, Planetminecraft, MinecraftForums.
Skype username: leighisfate

Anything you would like to say before submitting: I can be very reliable and keep a lot of secrets. I am a friendly person and a good friend. This server has really impressed me so far. Such a friendly community and great staff. I would be honored to be apart of the staff team. Give me a chance and I won't let you down.


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