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Post by NathanP on Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:42 pm

         www planetminecraft com/member/nate33730/

Staff Application
         I've been Playing on the server for a few days now, only several hours all together, but I'm having fun. I haven't been banned, at least as far as I can tell Razz
         I'm 24 years old, I live in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, and I'm a full-time student as a Fine Arts major. I have a lot of time between classes and homework thankfully to enjoy things, like Minecraft. I started playing for about a year and its become quite possibly my favorite game, and an awesome creative outlet. So far I've had some good experiences as a Moderator, Builder, Admin, ect. which has really helped me learn some other aspects of the game and playing servers, such as essentials, and world edit. I think you should accept me because I have a love for the game, for creating new and exciting content for the server. I have great attention to detail whether the build is small or large, and I put a personal touch into everything I'm making. I work well both independently and cooperatively. And above all, Ill go the extra mile to make sure users have the best experience in-game.

For a better idea of the style or manner that I build, check out my profile on PM. I've posted a few projects. Cheers! cheers Here's the link,
www planetminecraft com/member/nate33730/


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