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Post by DemonicRipper on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:55 pm

Minecraft IGN: DemonicRipper
Playtime: I've currently have been playing for 3 weeks as a rough estimate but I have a very good schedule of logging in for hours straight many times a week.
Have you been banned?: I've been banned for 12 hours for placing 4 cobblestone blocks in someones base which also taught me that any block that someone has place or deleted in someones base is also considered grief, even if its 4 cobblestone blocks.
Brief explanation about myself: I'm 13 years old. I've been playing minecraft for 3 years. I had been moderator twice, admin twice, and co-owner twice on many other servers. I had lots of experience on being a staff and found that this server is very different, and I'm happy to learn more about learning on how to become a better staff.
Why should I be accepted?: I think I will have a good shot with staff because I'm very active with logging in. I know how to treat 95% of the problems. I am comfortable with comfortable with most staff commands. I will be respectful to all players and be a positive action to helping people. And I will like helping not only the players but the staff. It will be a great privilege for me to help out the only server I'm on the most. Smile


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