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Post by ThatWasEasy on Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:37 pm

What is your Minecraft Name?​

How long have you played on the server?
  I've played on this server for a few weeks, in total I've probably logged around 50+ hours on it.

Have you been banned?
  I have been banned once for "Staff Disrespect". A day later, Dempsey decided to revoke my punishment because he overreacted.

Give us a brief explanation about yourself.
   First off, my name is Lucas, and I am Minecraft insane. I am thirteen years of age. I like to play football and Baseball (on occasions), but Minecraft is apart of my daily life, alongside Football.
Why should we accept you?
I should be accepted because I can be on a lot of the time. I have logged more time this week than anyone, and I'm on almost all day. I know the rules and most Staff Members. I know lots of Essentials Commands, like //wand, /ban, /kick, tempban, ect. and how they work. I have lots of Moderating experience from many other servers (refer to ArcTheGeek, I work for him as a Moderator on Zetacraft). I have good determination to get things done, when I set my mind to something I want to get it done. I am a fair Staff Member from my Moderating experience. I can also spend lots of time on the forums Moderating and watching posts.
I know everyone says this "I want to make the server a better place", so I won't say that Laughing.
I love this server VERY much, but to be honest here, it needs improvement in many spots. I used to be a server Co-Owner that got lots of Donors, and I know how to increase the number of sales here on Whisky World.

Thank you for taking time to read my application and I hope you consider me as a future Staff Member elephant.


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