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Post by KingRandomizeman on Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:02 pm

1.What's Your Minecraft Name?:KingRandomizeman

2.How long have you played on the server?:For Months! I remember when i helped you with the dungeon bosses... well actually i just died while testing them and I remember the charged creeper whom i loved fighting <3

3.Have you been banned?: No I have never been banned.

4.Give us a brief explanation about yourself.: Well im a 13 year old gaming child and I love helping people out! i'm very much a lover of this wonderful server and i'm trying to help people get into this server and enjoy the fun! My skype is Steven Lata and I also have Team Speak! I am very trust worthy and i'm willing to make the server much better, if that's even possible!

5.Why should we accept you?: Because I have noticed this server grow, and it's a beautiful thing watching the server populate and I have noticed a need of more moderation on the server because as it grows the population of the moderators must increase to keep with the balance of the system! Thank you if you have accepted me and either way if not! ill meet you guys on the battle ground which is your populating server!

P.S: I have had multiple moderation experience!


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