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Post by Rosetta90 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:20 pm

Please take the time to read my application.

1. What is your Minecraft Name?​

2. How long have you played on the server?
since 21st June 2015.

3. Have you ever been banned?
No I have not.

4. Give us a brief explanation about yourself.
I am 25 years old, I work as operations manager and I am also the head of apprentice training at work. I am a qualified Toolmaker.
I spend my free time mostly playing Minecraft or watching movies on my computer.

5. Why should we accept you?
I love Whiskyworld and everyone on it. I have run my own server and have been an admin, so I have experience on how things work. I have high standards and do what is required to ensure they are met and exceeded.
I enjoy helping players and being a part of their experience. I follow the rules, I listen and learn, and generally I have constructive input. I am available on Skype and/or Teamspeak.

I dont know what to do with my hands cheers

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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