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Developer application - loslobos1234

Post by loslobos1234 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:13 pm

1. What is your Minecraft Name?​

2. About 10-15 minutes, i'm planning on playing on this server a lot more, it looks promising

3. I have been on several servers, it used to be a hobby of mine, i would search security holes and report them to the owners of servers, i mostly got banned after reporting them.

4. I am a 16 year old programmer from belgium, i've been doing java for the past 4 years and overall development of websites and c++ applications for about 5.5 years

5. I could help this server innovate on new terrain in the future like i said i know my programming stuff and i have made minigames/whole server systems in the past.

Proof of my development skills can be found at

I however do apologize for my bad grammar in english, its not my first language, dutch is, second is french third is english.


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