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Post by Xwoodruff14 on Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:55 am

What is my Minecraft name
my minecraft name is Xwoodruff13

how long have i played on this server
i have played on whiskycraft for about a month but on muffincraft the server it was made from for about 3 months

have i ever been banned
yes, but it was a misunderstanding (lagg)

give us a breif explantion of yourself
my name is jacob im 15 i have played minecraft since i was 12 so three years i like to belive im mature im funny im usually in a good mood and i wanted to play MC to make new friends

why should we accept you
i think you should accept me because i'm friendly although i enjoy pvp i think i can make inportant calls as to who should be muted when enough is enough when they are joking and serious about the situation
i'm a calm guy i know a lot about MC(besides redstone) i'm on a lot as you guys can tell. im able to skype whenever im on ( my parents are doing construction off and on) and now that i figured out the forums ill be on them a lot also im a pretty dependable guy if u say something to me and ask that i do it, it most likely will get done and also this is my favorite server as u can tell this is the only server i ever dontated to and you can also tell by the voting stuff. that's the end of my application hope i can become a mod i truely think i can better the server by doing so.


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