mcdarthcheese's application!! :)

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mcdarthcheese's application!! :)  Empty mcdarthcheese's application!! :)

Post by mcdarthcheese on Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:28 pm

1. What is your Minecraft Name?​

         2. How long have you played on the server?
         around 2-5 weeks

         3. Have you been banned?
         NOPE I have never been banned muted or kicked from any server

         4. Give us a brief explanation about yourself.
          i am a loving player of the community and  have had never had any problems with this server or any other servers i have never broke any rules on     any  server and am amazing at building and making banners!

         5. Why should we accept you?
because i have never broke any rules  on any server and i have been playing minecraft for 4 years so im pretty experience  player that has never EVER been kicked banned or muted from a server and i am staff on one other server and i find it an amazing job Smile
                 This is the END of my staff app hope you enjoyed



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