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Ethan's Staff application.  Empty Ethan's Staff application.

Post by bean1008 on Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:38 pm

1. What is your Minecraft Name?​ bean1008

2. How long have you played on the server? About a week. Maybe more. Probably more because this server is really nice and I am on it whenever I can.

3. Have you been banned? No. I don't greif or anything like that. But I do know how to have fun once in a while. But I have not broken ANY rules while i've been on the server.

4. Give us a brief explanation about yourself. Im just a 13 year old kid who likes minecraft. I don't have many friends IRL so I go online a lot and have become very popular on most of the servers I have gone on. I used to play Zeta and some other servers a lot but recently I have become obsessed with whiskyworld.

5. Why should we accept you? Well because I am a dedicated player and I am extremely experienced with plugins. I am also a very friendly player and do not usually have any trouble with any players. That is why I believe you should give me a chance to prove that I am worthy of a staff position.

P.S. I am online for about 3 - 8 Hours OR more a day. I also have skype: theminecrafttardis <--(my skype)

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